KTS holds license agreements with the following non-crown land owners:

Attached are the license agreements for non-crown lands.  The crown lands agreement expired January this year and I do not have a copy of the new one.  Daz do you have that?


The license agreement with the City over Lois Creek expired in March.  Steve is in discussions with Troy about renewing it for another 10 year term.  That should be done very soon and we will make it effective commencing as of the expiry date to make it continuous.


On the Levirs agreement, paragraph 4 says:


“not to construct any new Trails without first obtaining consent from the City of Kimberley, for the sake of clarity, re-routing an existing trail within 5 meters for the purpose of improving sustainability is not considered to be construction of a new Trail;”


So if the planned re-route is more than 5 meters we should get consent.  If it is less, then we should maybe just notify them.